58 students competed at the SYNT 2018. We congratulate all students for their excellent work. 

Big congratulations go out to the winners Esther Thomet and Lucas Frauenlob from the team Quarkum Mechanics. In addition to winning the SYNT 2018, Esther Thomet also won the individual ranking. 

All the rankings can be found here:


Esther Thomet and Lucas Frauenlob from the team Quarkum Mechanics win the final of the SYNT 2017 against the team Dominant Siblings

The ranking of the final is as follow: 

  1. Quarkum Mechanics (41.42)
  2. Dominat Siblings (40.92)

 MG 7694

The following problems were presented: 

6. Eye Color Dominant Siblings Quarkum Mechanics
4. Making Quark Quarkum Mechanics  Dominant Siblings


The jury gave the following grades (rounded): 

1 24.08 16.67
2 24.75 16.83