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The Swiss Young Naturalists' Tournament (SYNT) is a Swiss competition held in English, where science enthusiasts aged 12 to 16 from anywhere in Switzerland can participate. In a preparatory phase they carry out a small research project, whose results are presented and defended at the actual tournament.



The International Young Naturalists' Tournament (IYNT) is the international counterpart of the national competition. Teams from all over the world compete against each other and a diverse social program promotes social contact of members from different teams.



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Pro IYPT-CH is the organization that organizes not only the national tournament SYNT and the SYNT Workshop but also the preparation for both the SYNT as well as the IYNT and the qualification for the Swiss team.



The preparation for this year’s IYNT started right after the SYNT, when the team was announced and gathered for a first meeting with parents, to discuss the logistics. Another five meetings with the whole team later, and many more individual meetings of coaches and participants, we gathered for the final preparation, before leaving for the Belarusian capital Minsk, where the IYNT 2019 was taking place. 

On the final day of preparation, everyone gathered bringing along their suitcases. Final experiments were done, and the presentations were improved further. After some final training on how to prepare an opposition, we headed for the airport to check-in the luggage. This allowed everyone to sleep a little longer on Sunday morning, before meeting again at Zurich airport. 

The next SYNT tournament will be held in a bilingual format (English/German). This is intended to make the entry easier for our young participants.


Additionally, there will be a team qualification for the first this year. While the team qualification will be in English, the best students from the German and English part will be invited to the team qualification.


Further information and the registration will follow in October.

On the 2nd of March SYNT 2019 will take place at ETH Zurich (Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich).

We are very excited for the third SYNT and look forward to seeing the students work. 

The most important information can be found here:

  • Starting from 8:15 welcome coffee will be served
  • All participants have to be there at 8:45 latest, to complete registration
  • The welcome ceremony starts at 9:00 in HG E 5

Important documents:

The SYNT 2019 will take place at ETH Zurich on the 2nd of March, 2019.


To aid students in their preparation we are organizing a three-day preparatory Workshop. During this Science Workshop students work on their chosen problem while being supervised by SYNT-experienced coaches.

The SYNT Science Workshop will take place in the week of the 13th to 15th of February at the Kantonsschule Wettingen. Problems 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16 and 17 will be coached at the Science Workshop. Changes in the problems offered might occur until the start of the registration. 

Online registration will open in October. Students can either sign up as an individual or already in a team of two. When signing up as a team please note that each team must have a solution to two different SYNT-problems.

Registration for the SYNT and Science Workshop will open on our website until the 9th of Decemeber

Important Documents:

This week we managed what we just narrowly missed last year: winning the IYNT trophy!

Preparation for this year’s IYNT started somewhat early, but definitely kicked off fully after the SYNT in March. In the last months, Ester, Lilly, Lohitsai, Lucas, Michael and Samuel worked hard. Investigating the process of making quark, playing tunes on bottles, investigating properties of granular materials and many other interesting problems.

On July 3rd it was finally time to fly to Tbilisi, Georgia, to test, how well prepared we were. This year we were going to meet 15 teams from 9 countries.

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