Registration for the SYNT

The registration for the SYNT 2024 is opened.

Fill in this form in order to register for the SYNT; each participant has to fill in the form. If somebody is coaching you during the preparation for the tournament you can submit the contact details of your coach. We will contact you and your coach as soon as possible. An application is only valid if you have read and signed the terms of participation and uploaded a scan of it at the end of this formRegistration does not guarantee a place at the SYNT due to the limited number of participants we can host. We will try to provide this opportunity to as many people as possible but might need to reject some applications. A preliminary decision will be communicated by end of April with the final decision being made after the registration is closed, no later than May 19th.

In order to be able to submit this form and register for the SYNT, you will need to have an SYNT user account! Please log in or sign up if you do not already have an account. In addition make sure that you check your Spam folder and add to your whitelist in order to receive the necessary activation email.

If you're not sure about the registration or would like to have some questions answered first, please use this form.