The Science Workshop 2018 started on the 13th of February. Early in the morning 40 students made their way to Zurich International School.

After welcoming all the students, it was time to start working on the chosen problems. While some students had already started working on their problem prior to the Workshop and were ready to start further experimentation, others were new to the problems and had to research their problem statement further before being able to conduct experiments. By the afternoon everyone was working eagerly.

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The evening was spent in the Pfadiheim having dinner together. In a joint effort coaches and students prepared fajitas for dinner.

The first day of the Science Workshop was a success and we look forward to two more productive and fun days.



After having spent the first day of the SYNT workshop flexing the mind to develop methods to investigate their chosen problems. Tuesday started off in a very different manner. The first session of day two saw everyone tackling a series of physical challenges, most of which required an element of teamwork, but all required an element of problem solving and they were, most importantly, fun.


After this, it was back to the labs where everyone continued to refine their approaches to their investigations and begin to perform analysis on their results.

It was really impressive to see some of the creative ideas that were thought up.

After lunch, everyone took part in a work shop on 3D microscopy, run by NanoLive, where they observed the cutting edge technique and then manipulated the data produced to more effectively image the cells they were observing.

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Day two was finished off with a tram ride to a restaurant in central Zurich for pasta and ice cream before returning to the Pfadiheim for the last time.

We are looking forward to practising the science fights and finalising the experimentation on the last day of the SYNT work shop.



Thursday started off with a presentation on how to do a good report and opposition. The rest of the morning, everyone was busy finishing their experiments and analyzing the data they gathered the days before. We were happy to see a lot of interesting results! Afterwards, most of the students could already start working on their presentation.


After tidying up in the afternoon, we finished the day by a mock fight. We thank everyone for their great work and are looking forward to seeing the results in two weeks at the SYNT.